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Professional Development Center (PDC)


Faculty of Management Sciences established the state-of-art Professional Development Centre (PDC) by endorsing the initiatives of National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) for intellectual wealth management and growth at the education sector of Pakistan.

At the very heart of PDC, we are committed to supporting our faculty, administration, students, and society at large to go for social entrepreneurship (SE) and continuous skill enhancement (CSE) as it is the need of the global knowledge based economy (GKBE). Co-creation of values is not a notion or a word at PDC but a system of operation and basis of PDC theme groups. Moreover, we have extended our hand towards the corporate world and across the faculties to have a network of support (NOS) for value ideation recognition, acceleration, and incubation so that the gap between industry and academia can be minimized as much as possible.

PDC has provided a platform ‘GRACE’ to the faculty where the faculty members could: Giveaway their skills and expertise to the masses along with their corporate counterparts, Recognized for the collective development cause, Attract the right audience, Collaborate and cooperate with educational institutes ladder from lower (schools) to upper steps (universities), and Education Empower Employees.

Plans are under process to have joint ventures with other stakeholders of the education sectors. Training's are provided to the researchers, whether faculty or MS/Ph.D. Scholars, to have know-how and hands-on-experience on the research tools, industry research demands, university-industry joint projects and developing workable integrated solutions for national/local, socioeconomic and value hatching challenges. Workshops, symposiums, and seminars are held to have discussions of local, regional and national issues of concern on which research is vital and has local-value-fit. Liaison with QEC and ORIC is done to disseminate information on the upcoming training and development programs being developed or have been in process at the university level or across different related academic or professional sectors.

The motto of PDC is “Fair chances for reaching excellence for all to participate in national and global sustainable development (GSD)”