The Department of English at Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) offers a vibrant and conducive to learning environment supported by highly qualified, experienced and dynamic faculty. English programmes have been a part of the repertoire of the Foundation University ever since its inception over a decade ago. The infrastructure facilities are at par with the most prestigious and exclusive universities in the country and include state-of-the-art air-conditioned classrooms fully equipped with multimedia facilities.

Our Teaching Philosphy

The department is particularly proud of the fact that it has grown to offer programmes at the graduate and post graduate levels and has now also launched Ph.D programme to contribute scholarship of the highest standard to the academic arena.

  • Research-based activities

  • Ideal faculty-students ratio to ensure personalized attention

  • Facilitating students to become independent learners and discover knowledge on their own

  • Assessment through demonstration of skills

  • Promoting critical thinking

  • Making teachers available for additional coaching

  • Intensive and fruitful teacher-student interaction

  • Employing digital media to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom

  • Inculcating fresh perspectives through seminars and guest lectures

Life at the Department

A culture of openness and mutual respect awaits you at the Department of English. A team of friendly and committed faculty is ready to mentor and guide you. They are willing to engage and interact with you in a forthright and productive manner to help you to develop into a well rounded personality. Co-curricular activities such as debates, creative writing and performance activities that are designed to instil confidence and practical skills in you and they dot the academic calendar. Gender equality is ensured to provide a level playing field to all to natural talents without any discrimination or fear.

Career Prospects

Bright prospects abound for securing highly lucrative jobs in academia as lecturers and tutors at home and abroad, in electronic media as content writers and programme producers, in print media as editors and sub editors, in government and private sector administration as managers, in HEC and related institutions as junior executives, in the Armed Forces of Pakistan as education officers and above all in the highly enticing field of Civil Superior Services of Pakistan (CSS) through competitive examination, among others.