vision & mission

Welcome to the Department of Economics & Finance. Accounting & Finance being the most significant area of management sciences have developed over several hundred years. This development continues today to meet the needs of a changing society. Demand for accounting and finance knowledge exists because users believe that the financial reports help them in decision-making. The Department of Economics & Finance concentrates on this challenge to impart accounting and finance education at undergraduate and postgraduate level for developing professionals to make well informed financial decisions and analyzing the outcomes of the decisions taken by company’s managers, shareholders, bondholders, security analysts, lending institutions, regulatory authorities, and the general public. The Department of Economics & Finance under the vision and guidance of Dean Management Sciences is offering two programs, BS Accounting & Finance and MS Finance (To be started in Spring 2020).


Aspiring the development of youth in the field of economics and finance


  • To impart quality education for understanding and comprehension of economics and finance.

  • To remain committed to the attainment of an application-based learning environment.

  • To prepare graduates with analytical, synthesis and evaluation skills


HoD's Message

It is a matter of pride and satisfaction to welcome you all to the Department of Economics & Finance at FURC. It is one of the four departments of the Faculty of Management Sciences, committed to impart quality education, research skills, and updated knowledge to students. The Economics and Finance Department offers innovative BS and MS Programs that teach the analytic and quantitative methods necessary to evaluate current National and International Issues.  The Department’s research excellence contributes to the high-quality learning experience for its students. 

Our programs focus to prepare students for entry-level and leadership positions in areas such as financial management, banking & investments and Economic development. The field-specific knowledge shared with the students intends to provide students with a solid foundation and specialization for an explicit career option in the financial industry. The department makes every effort to produce financial experts with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to serve public and private sectors at national and international levels through teaching methods of the highest international standards.

In addition, the department strives to ensure that all our students have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, participation in student activities, and the practical background of co-op and internship experience. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well qualified to take leadership roles in the future. Besides classroom learning, the department of economics is also engaged in spreading awareness with respect to the current state of Pakistan Economy through seminars, trainings, invited lectures, and workshops. We are initiating our all efforts to promote cross-discipline research to acquire a better understanding of the socioeconomic issues and challenges faced by the Pakistan economy

In the name of everyone in the Department, I invite you to take part in the research, creation, and study experiences we enjoy. The academic and administrative staffs’ doors are always open, and we will continue to welcome anyone whether a current or former student, a potential student, or a visitor.  






Dr. Muhammad Awais