The Department of Arts and Media at Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) develops creative skills of students with in emerging fields of Arts, Culture and Media, particularly in computer Arts and contemporary Media. Our study program is focused on practice-based approach to research, design and theory. We maintain links with industry, leading to work placements of our graduates in several fields, as proficient experts and specialists working in fashion, film, television industry, advertising, publications, print media and teaching.

The Bachelor and MS program have been designed as per HEC guidelines. The curriculum is updated and motivates students for further exploration of specialized knowledge within an area of the field.

Our students have access to an impressive range of resources and facilities that include up-to-date computers and editing labs, Media House and FM radio. Dedicated studio space is available for students and technical support. We further have strong links with academics and artists working in the field both nationally and internationally, through visiting lecturers, conferences and participation in various projects.

Our experienced teaching staff is here to support you to prepare a portfolio that will make you stand out. All our Art and Design courses are focused on practical briefs, exciting opportunities to undertake projects that will give you creative work experience.

The Bachelor’s program has been designed as per HEC guidelines. The curriculum is spread over eight semesters (4 years) with comprehensive learning about Computer Arts. During the first four semesters (2 years) students are mainly offered foundational and multi-disciplinary courses to strengthen learning and provide direction for the development of subject specific courses. The last two years are built on specialized courses to polish the skills of the students in their relevant area. The final requires 6 credit hour thesis projects which test their ability to project their learning in technique and execution. The department arranges workshops and invites renowned guest speakers to acquaint the students with emerging trends and techniques.

The department provides a stimulating and supportive environment in which both undergraduate and postgraduate students can achieve their full potential in supervision of highly qualified, experienced and dynamic faculty.

Department of Arts and Media is running following programs:

  • Bachelor of Computer Arts

  • BS Media and Communication

  • MS Media Sciences


To transform department of Arts and Media into a leading center of excellence of scholarship in Mass Communication and Computer Arts in Pakistan and in the wider Asian region.


In order to accomplish department’s vision, we strive to achieve department’s mission.

• To facilitate students’ learning in all the aspects of Arts & Media

• To inculcate market oriented professional skills.

• To produce mass communication scholarship in sync with national and international needs and aspirations.

We are focused on the technical design skills of students and to enhance the personal creative abilities so that they can build their scope in the industry and polish their aesthetic skills through the media house.

Job Opportunities

The graduating students of Media Communication can do wonders in the field of electronic media as anchor persons, newscasters, photographers, videographers, RJs, producers, reporters etc. In print media, they can work as a scriptwriter, editor, columnist, feature writer, researcher, news writer, content writer. In advertising, media graduates can be employed as a creative writer, Advertising Media Planners, Media traffic personnel, Production Managers etc. In public relations as Directors of Public Relations, Public Relations they work as Specialists, accounts, and executive manages.

A successful graduate of Computer Arts will be prepared to professional positions in technology-centered organizations, in the corporate sector, in industry, in government, and in other professional arenas. Career opportunities for Computer Arts graduates exist in the following sectors: like games and electronic entertainment, communication technologies, music, web design, internet services, E-learning and e-business, digital media, film, TV and animation, advertising and publishing. Typical job titles include animator, modeler, compositor, effects artist, lead designer, interface designer, web designer, webmaster, creative director, sound designer, and sound editor.