FUSST has an Information Resource Centre integrated with digital technology and electronic information resources. There is an active collection development programme for all subjects, which are taught at the institute. The IRC has a very dynamic collection of books and journals related to Software Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts and Management Sciences. Besides this, IRC provides access to large number of digital resources on Internet.

General Collection

IRC has a collection of about 34500 books on subjects that are relevant to the courses taught at the institute. Moreover, to improve reading habits of students, a balanced collection of books on Islam and other subjects has also been developed. The reference section has a good number of reference books including encyclopedias and dictionaries. All books have been catalogued using a well managed database. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of FUSST IRC has been provided on intranet for members to search books available in Library from their desktop.

Periodicals and Newspapers                                                                                      

IRC has subscribed 50 journals / magazines on Software Engineering, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts and Management Sciences to provide latest information to its members on these subjects. IRC is also subscribing to 07 newspapers to keep the students abreast of latest developments around the world. 

Audio Visual Collection

Audio Visual material is very useful medium of instruction. IRC has a collection of 112 videos on various subjects. VCR and TV are available for viewing these video assettes.

Online Resources

To enrich the IRC collection with latest online resources available through Internet, CAMPUS WIDE FREE ACCESS has been provided to all students, faculty members and staff through FUSST IRC website to abstract full text articles of more than twelve thousand online journals and magazines from world’s best publishers in science, technology and management like Blackwell, Taylor & Francis Journals, Ebrary, Springer and McGraw-Hill Access Science & Engineering. Online access to IEEE and ACM Digital Libraries.


IEEE Digital Library: Online access to full text articles of IEEE Magazines / Journals

ACM Digital Library: Online access to full text articles of ACM Magazines / Journals

HEC Digital Library: Online access to abstracts and full text articles of Magazines / Journals of following publishers: -


  • TAYLOR & FRANCIS Journals



  • McGraw-Hill's Access Science

  • McGraw- Hill's Access Engineering



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