Semester System

A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examination provided that he/she:-

Has been on the rolls of the department during that semester.

Has registered himself/herself with the University and has cleared all the University dues.

Has attended, 75% of the lectures/seminars and labs in each course. The student falling short of required percentage of attendance of lectures/seminars/labs shall not be allowed to appear in the terminal examination of the concerned course and shall be treated as having failed in that course.

A date-wise record of the attendance of students shall be maintained by each teacher.

Mid Term Examination

Mid term examination of minimum one and a half (1 ½) hours duration for each course is to be conducted on the date and time notified by the FUI Campus.

Final Term Examination

The terminal examination of minimum of three hours duration (maximum 50 marks) for each course shall be conducted at the end of each semester.

Grades, Promotion and Merit

The minimum pass marks for each course shall be 50%. Candidates obtaining less than 50% marks in any course shall be deemed to have failed in that course. Less than 50% marks secured by a student in any course shall not be counted towards the aggregate marks.
If a student fails to appear in the midterm or terminal examination in a course(s) on medical or any other reasons, he/she shall be treated as absent and failed.

A student shall repeat the course(s) in which he/she had failed, as soon as the course(s) are offered again. Students will not be allowed to repeat more than two courses (6-8 credit hours) in a regular or summer semester. The course will only be offered if the numbers of students are ten or more to register the repeat course.

A student will be permitted to improve their D and D+ grades as improvements. A student can improve maximum six (6) courses at undergraduate level and three (3) courses at graduate level, but will not be awarded GPA more then 3.5 in improved courses.