Information Resource Center (Library)

The library books, journals and periodicals have been carefully selected keeping in view the needs of the scholars and researchers of Foundation University. Presently the Library has 18193 Books and 37, Journals and Magazines. The diverse collection of journals, encyclopedias and course-specific books are continuously being enhanced to meet the ever changing requirements of students of various faculties. Libraries have ventured into the realm of e-knowledge and online resources in collaboration with HEC are avail- able for latest information.

To assist the classroom teaching learning process, the libraries maintain an audio-visual collection including CDs and audio & video cassettes on various topics. A TV, a VCR and a computer with multimedia are also available in the library

Information Technology Center (Laboratories)

Purpose built and state-of-the-art computer labs serve the needs of the students of all disciplines. Computer skills are taught as a core course to students of all the disciplines. The labs are well equipped to cater for the needs of basic users as well as for researchers of postgraduate level. University has recently equipped its IT labs with high performance computers
The Institution has the following 16 fully equipped Engineering and IT Labs.

• Applied Physics Lab 
• Basic Electronics Lab 
• Circuit Analysis Lab 
• Digital Logic Design Lab 
• Amplifiers and Oscillators Lab 
• Digital Communication Lab 
• Optical Fiber Communications Lab 
• Communication Systems Lab 
• Antenna and Wave Propagation Lab
• Digital Signal Processing Lab
• Project Lab
• Internet Lab
• Software Lab
• Control Engineering Lab
• Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
• RF & Microwave Lab
• Psychology Lab

Computer Architecture Lab

A fully equipped computer architecture lab is in operation providing facilities for the following courses:

•Logic Design 
•Computer Architecture 
•Data Communication 
•Microprocessor Architecture
•Fundamentals of Electronics
• Electro Magnetism


The Institute frequently arrange lectures /seminars/workshops on contemporary academic and social issues. Eminent scholars from Pakistan and abroad are invited to speak on a variety of topics.

Extra/Co-Curricular Activities

Sports plays a prominent role in the life of students at the FURC. The students are encouraged to take part in sports activities so as to keep them healthy and refresh minds. In continuation to these activities opportunities to take part in other activities like educational trips to other cities and taking part in food festivals and debating are encouraged.

University believes that extra/co-curricular activities are essential to groom students; therefore, numbers of societies/clubs are available to promote such activities and organize various events throughout the academic year. Different Sports events like, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football and Tennis are played.


The senior faculty members are designated as class coordinators to provide guidance in all the academic/ personal affairs of the students. The students are encouraged to seek help for timely solution of their problems. Counseling builds confidence in the students and they never feel alone when facing any problem relating to academics or other matters.

Professional Placement Unit

On the job training is an integral part of all the degree programs and offers the students essential insight about Business/industry and the corporate world. It also provides prospective employers with an opportunity to evaluate the potential of the university students. Placement Units assist the students in seeking internship and placement with leading NGOs, Industries, Public and Private Sector Organizations.

Communication with Parents

Complete involvement of parents is required for the students grooming at the University in academic/ outlook. At the end of the semester, parents/guardians are informed of the student’s performance. The attendance record of the student is also communicated to seek parental guidance for the required remedial measures.

Merit Scholarships (For existing University Student)

These are granted to the excelling students of the University as per University rules. Five students per batch of undergraduates and graduate’s programs achieving distinctions in local examination are granted Merit Scholarship.

The scholarships are awarded on the overall results of the current semester. Scholarships for the Children of Industrial Workers Special scholarships are offered to the children of industrial workers, in collaboration with Workers Welfare Fund. These Scholarships include 100% tuition fee, hostel charges etc.