University Migration


Migration should be an exception rather than a rule.

  1. The migration will be allowed from recognized university / colleges accredited by regulating bodies i.e. PEC, NCEAC, NBEAC and HEC etc.
  2. It will not be earlier than 2nd and later than 6th semester in undergraduate and not later than 2nd semester in graduate programs. For MA/MSc. program migration will be in 2nd and 3rd semester only with the written consent of both the Universities.
  3. Migration processing fee is Rs. 5000/- (nonrefundable).
  4. Migration request must be submitted 4 weeks before the commencement of classes.
  5. Migrated Students will not be eligible for Best Graduate Award.
  6. Migration shall be allowed against a clear vacancy in the class/section. However wards of Army personnel, who come on posting/transfer or have retired during previous one year, may be accommodated.
  7. The consent of Supervisors and Institutions concerned shall be required for migration of postgraduate students.
  8. The migration board of the recipient college/institute will;
    1. Prepare the equivalence table comparing the subjects already studied by the students.
    2. Give clear recommendations for migration.
    3. Forward final result of student along with equivalence table with due recommendation to Competent Authority approval through Registrar, FUI.
  9. University may allow a migration from other university colleges after provision of following documents by the student:
  1. A certificate from the concerned college that NOC will be issued by the Head of college on confirmation of migration by FUI, if migrating college is reluctant to give NOC, when student is applying.
  2. NOC from Heads of Colleges/Institutions concerned either at time of application, or after confirmation of migration from FUI.
  3. NOC from both the Heads of Colleges/Institutions concerned.
  4. NOC from relevant regulatory bodies.
  5. All details relating previous academic record.
  6. Character certificate from University/College.
  1. Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA for undergraduate and 2.80/4.00 CGPA for graduate programs are required to be obtained by the students in order to qualify for the migration.
  2. Only “B” and above grades shall be considered for transfer.
  3.  Maximum 60% credit hours are allowed to be transferred in graduate program.
  4. Migration should only be considered if the curriculum of both colleges is compatible.


  1. Acceptance of Migration application does not establish right to Migration.
  2. Migration shall be granted subject to vacancy and completion of all formalities and approval of the Competent Authority.