Car e-Talk


Car e-Talk is a project that realizes Internet-of-Everything (IoE) for Fleet Maintenance. Fleet maintenance involves real-time maintenance information of vehicles and data analytic to predict health status of each car.

Each vehicle is fitted with an array of sensors including Tyre Pressure Sensor, CO exhaust sensor, radiator fill level sensors, battery voltage sensor, cabin humidity and temperature sensor and fuel level sensor. The sensors are connected via Arduino unit and data is gathered periodically. A Smart Tab is installed on the dashboard that displays the data for the driver. Standard failures like flat tyres, empty fuel, empty radiator etc can be detected and driver is alerted. The driver is further guided to the nearest service station via Google Maps. The data is also uploaded over the cloud where the health state is monitored. This is done by classifying the state of a car using Bayesian learning. A history of each vehicle is maintained that can be used to identify potential failures.

The advantages of Car e-Talk are: -

  • Monitor real-time vehicle health statistics,
  • Predict fleet health and maintenance,
  • Improve vehicle diagnostics, and
  • Automatic reporting, thus increasing the usable life of the vehicle, fleet productivity, and performance.



Concept Diagram

Each vehicle is connected with an array of Sensors via Arduino. Raw data is constantly uploaded to a Data Server over cloud. Data Analytics are performed and graphs generated for a Fleet Manager at the Cloud-end. The health state of a vehicle is determined using Bayesian. Furthermore, each vehicle is connected with Google Maps that direct to the nearest workshop in case of emergency.



This project won PKR 31,000/- from IGNITTE in 2018.


S. Hussain, U. Mahmud and S. Yang, "Car e-Talk: An IoT-enabled Cloud-Assisted Smart Fleet Maintenance System," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

Project Members

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Shariq Hussain     


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