Co-curricular activities are recognized as an integral part of the educational program. Co-curricular activities are just as important as academics. By providing a number of co-curricular activities, we can ensure the expression of potential capacities of each individual e.g. writing, public speaking, dramatics, painting, sports and organization of functions etc. which provide training in different aspects of personality of students. These activities, thus, cater to aptitude, interests and abilities of students and sometimes act as a determining factor for the choice of future vocation. The following central clubs and societies provide students the opportunity to exhibit their talents:

  1. FURC Sports Society (FSS)
  2. FURC Green Club
  3. FURC Literary Circle (FLC)
  4. FURC Community Service Club (FCSC)
  5. FURC Dramatic Club (FDC)
  6. FURC Debating Society (FDS)
  7. FURC Arts & Design Club (FA&DC)
  8. FURC Entrepreneurs Club (FEC)
  9. FURC Leaders Society (FLS)
  10. FURC Excursion Club (FEC)
  11. FURC Robotics Club (FRC) / Applied Technology Club
  12. FURC Cultural Club (FCC)
  13. FURC Economics Society (FES)
  14. FURC Music Club (FMC)
  15. FURC Character Building Society (FCBS)
  16. FURC E-Gamming Club (FEGC)
  17.  FURC Adventure Club (FAC)

Apart from these Societies, different activities are held. There are various Sport teams. Each class rep. (CR) will assist the coordinators in forming of various teams.